The Aeryon Scout is a small, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aerial vehicle that can capture and transmit high-resolution digital images and video. The Scout has a range of 3 kilometres, can travel up to 50 kilometres per hour, and withstand 50 kilometre per hour winds.

The Scout's integrated 3-axis stabilized high resolution digital camera provides full range of motion so the camera can look completely to the side or vertically to the ground. A stabilized Thermal Infrared video camera can be interchanged for thermal inspections. A Near-Infrared video camera can be interchanged to measure and monitor plant growth, vegetation cover, soil/water condition, and other environmental applications.

The system is controlled from a programmed tablet computer, leaving the operator free to focus on the imaging and video task. During operations real-time video and zoom-in stills can be viewed to confirm valid image collection in real-time. All high-resolution data is synchronized with GPS location and inertial orientation information for processing and mapping.